1. Get off your butt. If you study the same material in different locations your brain is more likely to remember the material. It’s true, don’t just stay in the same area. Studying does not have to be a drag, and neither do you.
2. Don’t just study one topic at a time. Take breaks from something and move on to the next, even if you think the other is more important. Especially if you think the other is more important, you need to be entertained or at least refreshed while studying so that topics don’t blur out.
3. Test yourself by asking yourself the hardest questions. Apparently, the harder time we have with a particular problem the more likely we are to solve that problem in the future.
4. Be loud. Reading information out loud means mentally storing it in two ways: seeing it and hearing it. I just can’t guarantee you won’t get thrown out of the library.
5. Treat your self. Take time off to satisfy yourself with cookies, Tumblr, jamba juice, or a shopping break. Do something you really love to do, but remember to follow the next step if you do this.
6. Have a study partner(s). Say you’re not the type to work in groups, you could assign one of your friends or family to make sure you concentrate or get back to studying if you decide to take a break for a bit.
7. Exercise! If you study and then go for a quick run or get your heart beat up if only for ten minutes, then when you go back to studying you can really go into it with focus.
8. If you need to stay off Tumblr download the self control app which blocks your computer from social media sites for a short period of time.
9. Go to sleep, do not pull an all nighter.
10. Eat food or take supplements high in Omega-3 which are linked with increased memory productivity.
11. Write it out. Writing out what you’re studying (like rewriting your notes) can really help you memorize, learn, and evaluate what the exam will be on. It might sound crazy or childish but it works much better than reading it in your head.

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